A Guide to Hiring JavaScript Developers in Eastern Europe

The reason may be the different standard of living in countries and the cost of living. Additionally, US node.js engineers may focus on overall technologies, while experts in offshore countries specialize in a specific stack. We have compiled the average wages developers expect with an experience of up to 4 years based on the website PayScale. Clients can assess candidates for required technical skills through some basic questions. This process will filter out the candidates without the required skills and streamline the interview stage. The framework is highly reliable and comes with the power of simplicity.

Leading tech companies such as Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft opened software development centers in Eastern Europe. A JS software engineer is the one to provide a designer with the tech backbone that brings visual elements to life. Adjusting and adapting complex designs during the wireframing and prototyping stage and mapping out user journeys are day-to-day responsibilities for JavaScript developers. A JavaScript developer builds the architecture of the product, collaborating with the design team to create wireframes and prototypes.

What are the Fundamental Skills for Node.js Developers?

By using native modules along with React Native, they can overcome this limitation. We needed help with
frontend specific projects for a big release. They came on board, average javascript developer salary with almost no time taken in
ramping up with our code base, and were able to deliver on time! He is an expert in PHP and JavaScript with 6 years of experience.

hire javascript developers eastern europe

Moreover, an in-house team of developers can make changes or fix the product faster, which is also a benefit of outsourcing companies. During the interview, it’s important to test the knowledge of a candidate. There are two PDF files with questions for you to check the JavaScript expertise of candidates and their social abilities.

Web Developer

One of the main reasons for this exponential growth depends on the high investments of the country in its tech education systems. Skill Value Report (2019) analyzed +550 technical assessments to determine the top regions to hire software developers. Full-stack JavaScript developers work on both backend and front-end development. Therefore, they should understand the importance of software architecture in frontend and backend development.

hire javascript developers eastern europe

You must ask them all about soft skills as well as hard skills with the help of the following questions for an accurate assessment. Looking through worldwide JavaScript developers hourly rates, there is an opportunity to notice one tendency. North America and Australia have more expensive engineers while Asia and Eastern Europe are still the cheapest places.

Software development in Eastern Europe: Top countries to outsource IT projects

Eastern Europe includes Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. In general, there are roughly 1 million developers in this area. There are no doubts that React is the most popular JS framework currently, but the number of programmers that want to try VueJS makes it the most fast-growing and perspective approach.

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Option to hire a dedicated development team becomes more and more popular nowadays. Outsourcing companies provide you with a high-quality product and a well-reasonable price. It happens because you are able to choose a reliable vendor from different regions. For example, Ukraine and Asia provide attractive prices as well as good development. These programmers work for software outsourcing companies and may become a part of your team.

Aurelia Developer

Sergey is a full-stack web developer with over 5 years of experience. He also has extensive JavaScript knowledge and its supporting… Get in touch with us to tell us what you need in your TypeScript developer.

If training is required, please take this into account when we are doing the onboarding of your Javascript developers. Lastly, if licenses are required, please make sure to procure licenses of the software in question for the developer. For QA, we perform free QA smoke test on your Javascript application. We highly recommend you allocate for a dedicated QA in your budget. For CS, we also have resources available to do the CS of your Javascript application. The market is in high demand for Javascript developers, and there is not enough Javascript developers to go around.

Factors affecting a JavaScript developer salary: Skillset and career longevity

You will find it hard to assess this skill when hiring freelance JavaScript developers. It’s not easy to evaluate the real contribution of a freelancer to a project. Hire JavaScript developers from a trusted company like DevTeam.Space. Remember to cover all the technical skill areas that we have highlighted.

Despite JS developers being highly involved in developing web applications, designing desktop and mobile software from scratch is one of their job responsibilities as well. To know how to hire JavasSript developers, a business owner should understand which responsibilities this job usually covers. Here are the competencies for JS developers you can list in a job opening and expect the candidates to be familiar with.

JavaScript Developers HIRING RESOURCES

You are hiring JavaScript developers from a software development company. Hire from hybrid software development companies like DevTeam.Space. We have the best JavaScript developers with the right experience. On the other hand, use a “Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service” (MBaaS) platform if you are developing mobile applications. MBaaS platforms manage the infrastructure, persistent storage, etc., therefore, you don’t have to spend a high amount of time on mobile backend development.

  • According to Coursera’s Global Skill Report 2022, Ukraine and Poland are now among the top 10 countries worldwide with cutting-edge technological competencies.
  • We have leading developers ready to work remotely and help you achieve your business objectives.
  • Semantic UI relies on jQuery and LESS to deliver smooth and lightweight user experiences.
  • You can also rely on defined data structures to understand the original intentions of code compilation.
  • He also has extensive JavaScript knowledge and its supporting…

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