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The Sober Lush by Jardine Libaire and Amanda Eyre WardMust I retire all my old indulgences? We think as we’re getting sober, in spite of the fact that by the time we quit drinking, we’re not typically leading very glamorous lives. The reminder that sober life need not be ascetic or dull is welcome to seasoned veterans of recovery and newcomers alike, but I think the blueprint here for an abundant life of pleasure could be useful for anyone.

I used this book for motivation to quit drinking, even though the subject of alcoholism is barely discussed. Between this book and Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, you’ll have some high level diet and exercise programs to model and remold into your own. The doctors who wrote this book present a compelling case for utilizing the power of the mind in treating brain disorders. This book is not about alcoholism per se, but it can be an empowering guide for separating yourself from those primitive and demoralizing urges to drink. Once you are past alcohol withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal, you can optimize your life by conquering bad habits and negative thought patterns.

Sick: A Memoir by Porochista Khakpour

For each of the 12 steps, the audiobook presents daily step work exercises based on a verse from the Five Books of Moses (The Pentateuch or Torah). Over 30 days, the listener will work through all 12 steps, guided by texts from the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Sean Alexander has penned a quitting booze manual with a difference – he puts it to us that it isn’t just people who know they have a problem who stand to benefit from giving up alcohol – it’s everyone. His book explores eight critical areas of life that will drastically improve when you give up alcohol. He promises that you’ll be shocked at discovering how drunk society really is, why alcohol has been holding you back, and the life-changing transformations that occur when you go alcohol-free.

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Al-Anon’s basic book discusses the mutual-help program of recovery, including personal stories. A beginning approach to the Twelve Concepts of Service is included. Based on the principles behind “Steps Six and Seven”, Drop the Rock combines personal stories, practical best books for alcoholics advice, and powerful insights to help listeners move forward in recovery…. Or maybe you just want to ditch the booze once and for all in 2023. With a bevvy of delicious alcohol-free drinks out there now, giving up drinking is more appealing than ever.

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If you experience addiction yourself, reading about other peoples’ experiences can help you feel less alone, remind you addiction isn’t your fault, and give you hope for the future. They could even offer some insight into recovery approaches you haven’t yet tried. Along with support from a healthcare professional, coping tools like apps, podcasts, and books may offer some benefits. This collection of readings moves through the calendar year one day—at a time.

  • By the time I found this book, I already knew from experience that supplements can repair your brain after you quit drinking.
  • In this book, Annie Grace – the bestselling author of The Naked Mind – offers the tools to take control of your drinking for good.
  • This book also examines the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways and lose the desire to use substances.
  • For example, he explains why stating alcohol is poison and repeating the tagline “Never Question the Decision” can help you change your unconscious thoughts about alcohol, and shift your mindset.
  • Belle’s consistent messaging on our faulty thinking led to a major mindset shift for me.

Writer Augusten Burroughs sought help for alcohol addiction when he felt he had no other option. In his case, alcohol use had started to affect his work, and his employers strongly urged him to enter rehab. For Sarah Hepola, drinking offered a way to find courage and adventure.

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