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At Bridges Sober Living Apartments, residents are immediately plugged into a network that provides accountability, support, and meaningful connection. I had heard of the miraculous stories of sustained sobriety from a multitude of Peggy Albrecht Friendly House alumni for over 22 years. However, I began my personal association with Peggy Albrecht Friendly House about 9 years ago after losing both of my brothers to the disease of alcoholism and addiction. I found a renewed sense of purpose and hope the more involved I became with women who were desperately seeking sobriety, as well as, a new way of living.

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Having this personal experience, Rachel is able to understand the courage it takes to reach out for help. Enjoy the benefits of sober living in a caring and supportive environment. Our sober living homes in Redondo Beach and Los Angeles help young men with personalized program options, employment and education opportunities, and ongoing recovery support. While some individuals may be able to cover the cost of sober living with their own funds, many others may need to seek out other options. Some health insurance plans may cover the cost of sober living as part of an addiction treatment program, while others may not.

Lucid Recovery

Once this new style of living is introduced gradually, the clients have an easier time maintaining it when it is time to move back home. Visitor policies may vary, but generally, sober living homes in Los Angeles have set visiting hours and guidelines to maintain a secure, focused recovery environment. Learn how sober living homes can be your stepping stone to a vibrant, substance-free life. Confirm that the facility provides an aftercare program and ongoing support even after you transition out of sober living. Sober Living East offers structured recovery residences in West Los Angeles. We’re honored to contribute to California’s extensive sober living community.

Everything takes time, and in most cases, the time an individual abused drugs or alcohol far exceeds the duration of one’s substance abuse and addiction treatment program. Transitioning to a sober living facility, post rehab, can behoove a person in continuing to learn how to soberly navigate their day-to-day life. Getting sober takes a strong commitment, as a person must endure a lot to achieve sobriety.

Services at Our Los Angeles Sober Living

The human brain continues to grow and develop until a person’s mid-20s, which means a lot of damage can take place during addiction. Sober living in Los Angeles County is a solution for many people when learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. Young men trapped on a non-stop rollercoaster ride of addiction can use our program as a pivotal transformation process. After all, residents are not only paying for rent, they are paying for the recovery services provided at the facility.

Most sober homes hold regular group meetings to ensure individual accountability and the cohesion of the group as a whole. 12-step based sober homes often encourage or require daily attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Sober homes in Los Angeles vary widely, and the experience of living in one differs from location to location. Life in a sober home in general, however, tends to involve taking daily steps to strengthen one’s sobriety. Another important aspect of living in a sober home is learning to live in a community setting.

Skill Building

Los Angeles has a large and diverse sober community, with people from all walks of life who are committed to sobriety. Sober living in Los Angeles can give you the opportunity to connect with others in recovery and build a strong sober support system. Some people may need to stay in a sober living home in Los Angeles for a few months, while others may need to stay for a year or more.

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